Tropical Sangria

by ImmaculateBites on 18 December, 2014

Tropical Sangria- A refreshing blend of  pineapple, papaya, guava  juice and fruits , infused with moscato and rum.


You say  Sangria.

I say crowd pleaser, versatile, fresh tasting, crazy good flavors, vibrantly colored and tons of other adjectives that would take up this whole page.

 Tropical Sangria

This tropical sangria is deserving of all these appealing adjectives, because it is simply a really good fruity drink and is also great for non-alcoholics too- without the alcohol.

 Tropical Sangria

They say this tropical sangria is best during summer, they (popular belief) might be right, but it tastes darn good too, during this festive season. Why not make it when you have all these tropical fruits available and if you don’t. No worries, use the fruits you have available.

Tropical sangria 

My favorite fruits are, pineapple, papaya and mango- these are the fruits I grew up eating during my formative years. They have remained on my go-to list of fruits.

Tropical sangria

The other fruits, which I like but are not available all the time, are guava and passion fruit. I found some fresh-looking guava at my local Indian market and I jumped at the chance of including it in this tropical blend and it fit right in.

Tropical sangria

This tropical-inspired sangria is quite sweet. The guava, pineapple and passion fruit sweetens the sangria up, so no additional sugar is really needed. You may use any combination of fruit juice and wine. Adding rum to this fruit blend gives it a nice zing.

Tropical sangria

However, it is your creation do with it as you wish. It really has no recipe, just guidelines. Switch it up and make it your signature drink.

Tropical sangria

Tips: Make sure your fruits are firm , not mushy and it  tastes a million times better the following day- so make it a day in advance if you can.


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Tropical Sangria
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: Fusion
Serves: 5-6
  • 1 (750 milliliter) bottle white wine (I used moscato)
  • ½ cup white rum
  • 1-pound or more tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya, guava,) cut up in large chunks.
  • 1-2 cups guava juice
  • 1-2 cups passion fruit juice
  • 1-2 cups pineapple juice
  1. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher pour the rum over it. Then add, juice and wine
  2. Let it sit in the fridge overnight because it taste better that way or if press for time cut the resting time in half.
  3. Serve cold.


Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs marinade

by ImmaculateBites on 16 December, 2014

Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs marinade- a flavorful blend of  rosemary, thyme, soy sauce  paprika, with a kick from cayenne pepper. Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs marinade   My leftover turkey is gone –Alleluia. Over a week of leftover turkey I am done. FINITO! Switching up gears, and making me some steak. Not just any steak – juicy steak – with an amazing herb rub – Forget about the high price restaurant steak. Make this and save money for christmas shopping. How you like that? Celebrate good times come on. Dance with me  Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs Ok, I am going to stop the dramatization and talk about this steak here before you throw stones at me. If there is one thing that would prevent me from becoming a vegan is steak. I just don’t know how people do it. I have read several articles on how steak is bad for you then again, I have seen quite a few that say it’s  ok, to indulge, once in a while and I am just going to agree with the latter and indulge once in a while.  Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs marinade This is my all time favorite way of making steak – you can make it on a grill, stovetop or oven. It always taste great!  I don’t know how you like your steak?  I love my steak medium, pink on the inside. I know most of my family think am a barbarian (cultural thing).  Any visibility of red or pink color on your plate would be…. to put it lightly -distasteful  Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs The thing is, in Africa, not to generalize, some parts of Africa steak is always cooked well done. My family members would not touch a steak if it were not well done. You know what? They are from the 70’s and am a 90’s chick, I love it!  . Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs  (When am writing music pops in my head sometimes and I just have to express it some how)   Ok, It was the norm for me too, until I started experimenting on taste and after conducting a blind test. Medium is my ultimate way of enjoying a steak – unbelievably good; tender juicy and flavorful.  If you have never tried cooking steak medium – give it a try. You might just be a convert, like me. Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs marinade How do you know it is medium? Good question. The obvious choice would be to use your thermometer, until your it reads 140 to 150 degrees F. or do a finger test here.   Whichever way you love cooking your steak – go for it. Just buy a good steak and make this. You would love it. Serve with this fries here or pair it with salad,   Enjoy

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Pan-grilled steak with garlic and herbs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3
  • 2 boneless strip steaks (1 inch thick (about ¾ -1 pound each))
  • ¼ cup minced fresh rosemary, thyme
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 smoked tablespoon paprika
  • ½- I teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1-tablespoon soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon white pepper
  • 2-4 tablespoons canola oil or any cooking oil
  • Salt and pepper
  1. In a food processor or using a mortar and pestle, blend rosemary, garlic, paprika, cayenne and soy sauce.
  2. Marinate the steak with the herb mixture for at 30 minutes or or more . You may refrigerate until ready to cook. Let it rest for 20 minutes before cooking.
  3. Heat up a cast iron or grill pan until hot. Cook steak, flipping once, until browned and cooked to desired doneness or grill the steaks on high heat for about 7- 10 minutes on each side for medium or when an internal temperature reads 135 degrees F
  4. When the steaks are done to your liking, take them off the grill and let them rest for about 10 minutes.


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